BIO TEACH offering services since 1998

In 1998 Education & Technologie International was created in France, to develop, as consultants and external advisers, Health projects in the European and African markets. Since then we offer our clients comprehensive Management of Healthcare Projects, with the necessary experience and the adequate specialized human component, we can supply, cooperate, participate, advise or intervene with institutions, companies or groups of professionals that require the implementation of a Health project.

Our company, can manage a Health project in its entirety, or can simply advise on the definition of the necessary equipment in a Sanitary facility, whether it is a new creation, to rebuild, or for maintenance.

In addition, we distribute medical supplies, consumables and tools for different purposes, such as diagnosis, surgeries, interventions, among others. All this backed by the corresponding certificates, which define our responsibility and quality.

Likewise, we offer our clients a wide variety of services, ranging from the preliminary studies of a project, to the supervision in the training of the personnel who will operate the team, through the most extensive management of the project.

At the same time, in 2000 we made a “partnership” with our partner in Pakistan, a country that has become one of the main producers of Surgical Instruments and Osteosynthesis in the world. We made this alliance with the firm purpose of achieving a product of excellent quality and at a price without competition.



Today we are proud to offer the market a wide range of surgical instruments and medical materials with exceptional quality, and this is confirmed by the hospital markets and the projects we have carried out in:

Europe:France, Spain, Italy.

Africa: Senegal, Mali, Angola, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Gabon.

America: Mexico, Argentina, USA, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia.

Currently the main offices of our company serve all markets from Valencia, Spain.

All the aforementioned history and experience, added to our human and material resources, as well as customers and suppliers, have been made since 1998 sin our company BIO-TEACHING, SL has been consolidated.